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Benefits of a promo video for your Small business

promo video
promo video

A business, regardless of the type, survives on successful marketing. Whether you own a store at the corner of the street or a multi-national company, marketing and promotion is a must. While there are many ways to promote your brand in order to increase your customer base, one of the best methods of promotion nowadays is through a promo video.
With social media platforms and the internet, in general, becoming more and more popular every day, promo videos have become the go-to method for brand promotion for most business owners. Considering its advantages over traditional marketing, it is not hard to see why this is the case.

Why video ?

  • Highly engaging:

Multimedia is known to be more engaging in general, and it is even more so for videos. Entertaining videos that viewers can enjoy will attract even more views, and in turn, more customers.

  • Wide global reach:

Because of the internet, promoting your brand through video means that you can reach out to a much wider audience. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that provide service across the globe.

  • Easy to track analytics:

Nowadays, there are a plethora of tools available that let you track the reach, click rate, etc., of your videos.

  • Easily convey a message:

Videos can help convey long and complicated messages shortly and easily.

  • More search engine hits:

Most search engines give a very high priority to videos and other multimedia over texts.

  • Builds trust:

Videos can help build a brand personality that can promote trust amongst customers.

Types of videos

 Depending on the type of video that you’ll be using to promote your business, it can achieve different kinds of results. For example, if you have a product or service that requires more technical knowledge, using an infomercial or how-to video might be the best option.
Video marketing can be broadly classified into four major categories based on the type of video that is used. These are –

  • Educational videos: Videos that are supposed to teach something to the viewer with the intention of attracting their attention towards the brand or a specific product. Some examples include tutorial videos, explainer videos, infomercials, etc.

  • Product videos: Product videos are made with the aim of highlighting a certain product in order to appeal to the viewer.

  • Company Culture videos: For showcasing a company’s work culture to the public a company culture video is a great option. Event videos, team profile videos, etc., can be classified as company culture videos.

  • Testimonial videos: As the name suggests, testimonial videos include testimonials from clients and customers. Sometimes, companies may choose to use employee testimonials as well in order to promote the company’s internal policies and work environment.

There are many options when it comes to the type of video that you want to use for your promotion. For example, you may choose to go with an animated video, a short video, or even a vlog.

Making your promo video


Creating a video for your brand promotion may seem overwhelming at first – you have to capture videos, process them, edit them, and so on. But when starting with the right steps, the process can become much easier.

  • If you choose to go with an animated video, you can use one of the many animation maker sites and services that are available on the internet.

  • If you want to go with a live-action video, you’ll need a camera and a few accompanying equipment to get you started. But this method may need a bit of technical knowledge, especially if you want to do the next process of editing the video by yourself. You can also use the sites and services mentioned above for non-animated videos. Once you have the raw recorded footage, you can simply import them into these platforms, and they will make the whole process a lot simpler.

A few of the most popular platforms that you can use are:

  • Filmora

  • Wistia

  • Vimeo

  • Wave.video

  • Wideo

Most of the above platforms can also be used for publishing your videos for marketing apart from simple editing and processing.

  • If you have a marketing budget, you may also choose to leave it to the professionals and have them create a video for you that you can use.

After you have the video ready, all that’s left is to get it seen.

Putting your promo video out there


Once the video that you want to use for your marketing is ready, all that is left is to get it out so that viewers can see them. Social media can be a very handy tool for this purpose. Nowadays, most social media platforms not only have the option to let users upload and share their videos to others, but also the option to view and analyze the data. Whether you are trying to reach out to a specific audience or the general population, you’ll need analytic tools that show you how popular your video is, which age group or demographic is it most popular amongst, how well is it doing against its competitors, and so on.

These tools will help you analyze and refine your digital marketing strategy so that you can achieve the results that you need for your business.
Some of the most common social media platforms that are used for video content marketing and brand promotional videos are –

  • Facebook

  • YouTube

  • Instagram

  • Reddit

  • TikTok

When it comes to choosing a social media platform for your brand marketing, doing that based on your target demographic can help you get better results.
While most people use more than a few social media platforms, certain ones are more popular among people of certain demographics. Using this knowledge you can strategize better on where you want to publish your videos so that you can focus on your target demographic rather than the general user base. Doing so will also help you utilize your marketing budget more efficiently.
So, no matter what your budget is, how big your brand image is, or who your target demographic is, promotional videos are a great way to uplift your brand’s image and make your brand’s presence known worldwide.

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