When Is The Best Time To Release Music And A Music Video?


For every musician, releasing music is an exciting time. When, on the other hand, is the best time to release music?

We'll discuss when the best time is to release music and a music video in this post. Make sure you remain to the very end to avoid missing any important information.

Sometimes the want to get your music in front of other people's ears (and eyes) can be immediate   Especially given the ease with which content may be shared via streaming services and social media.

Take a considerable amount of care while publishing your music as you did when recording and completing it. It might mean the difference between success and failure for your music. Decide on your music branding and utilize it to build a fan base.

Taking some time away from your completed work is a fantastic first step. This should ideally clear whatever tunnel vision you might have had concerning the project. Ask yourself some compelling, effective questions about the audience you want for it once you've done this.

Questions: Who is my intended audience ? Whatever kind of music fans might be interested in my music? 'How will I measure their reaction to it ?

Fan Personas


It's important to think about who might enjoy and help spread your music online. Also, explore as to which other artists or  bands' fans could enjoy listening your music or album.

This helps to focus on when and where the singles and videos should be released on streaming sites. It also helps you reach out to people who were unfamiliar with your music via social media.

Taking the effort to break down your ideal audience and related artists will give you a significant edge. It will ensure that the music reach as many people as possible. Isn't that one of the most driving factors in continuing to write and release music?

Consider A Marketing Budget

Another important factor to consider is the marketing budget. You'll have to decide how much money you're willing to spend into your marketing effort at this point. Boosting social media posts is an example of this. Perhaps you'd want to hire a publicist to assist you acquire interviews and reviews, as well as get your music featured on Spotify playlists with promotion.

Some musicians believe that investing in marketing is similar to cheating in the music industry. That their music should speak for itself, and that the quality of their work would win them fans. While this is true when it comes to a song's quality, you won't have a following if no one knows about it.

Rather than buying gear, we advocate investing in a 6-week social media ad campaign. We believe that this will have a significantly greater influence on your musical career.


Money may be a difficult subject for artists to deal with. Try to have an open mind to investing in yourself. When it comes to the economics of distributing your music, we believe that taking a big picture perspective is essential.

Many studies have shown that people must see something on a social media feed about dozen times before clicking on it. Consider all of the bizarre advertisements you see on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

You aren't seeing content on your online feed suddenly! This is due to clever marketing strategies. You see things several times before becoming a custom to them.

It should be no different with the marketing decisions you make to get your song into the ears and eyes of music listeners.

It is worthwhile to investigate where your fans spend their time. The strategy is to get people to  get in the habit of wanting to listen or watch your music video on a daily basis.

For example, you could be a self-taught musician. You do, however, have the same tools as any other musician. Make wise decisions and strive to understand the people you're trying to reach.

When Is The Best Time To Release Music On Streaming Services?

Some artists may believe that simultaneously uploading all of their songs to every streaming service is a good idea. Having numerous streaming providers, on the other hand, has a lot of advantages. However you will generate exclusivity with your music by using one of the several streaming platforms available. For example, you may choose to simply release a song from an EP on Spotify before releasing the entire album.


Is it possible to time your release to coincide with another event?

Is your song about a current event, holiday, or other topic? Putting out the song near to the occasion will help you gain a lot of attention for your music. Additionally, if the event is recurring, promotions can be repeated. The obvious example is holiday music, but other memorable occasions might also be used.

Take a look at the musical environment in front of you. Check out what other artists are releasing singles and albums around the same time as you. Is there a chance of synergy if you release your song at the same time? Consider whether your release will be overshadowed by a more well-known artist with a higher budget.

What Time of The Day is Best To Release Music?

People stream the most on Spotify and Bandcamp on Fridays between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., according to the statistics.

Early mornings and early evenings are  also common times . It's worth looking at your own artist account data if you've already published songs on streaming sites. This might be an excellent predictor of the optimal time of day to distribute music to your fans.

When Is The Best Time To Release A Music Video?

One of the most successful strategies to grow a fan following is to shoot and release a music video for your song. Finding elements that create interesting, bright graphics that may be a powerful amplifier for your releases is critical.

Hosting a video premiere is one of the most powerful events to arrange. This may be a do-it-yourself event using resources like Facebook Event creation. You may even have your own YouTube premiere. You could also use a service like Veeps or Bandsintown to discuss it as if it were a live concert.

Whatever marketing strategy you use, the video should be released around the same time as the music is released on streaming sites. Some industry marketing experts believe the song and video should be released at the same time. Others believe it should come after the publication of the audio-only version. You have complete control over this situation.


That's all there is to it. That was our best time to release a music guide. We've addressed considering your fan base or target fanbase, as well as a prospective marketing budget. 

You should now have everything you need to easily release your song ! While it's understandably stressful, try not to get too caught up in the details. It should be a pleasurable and thrilling experience to release your music to the world , therefore enjoy every moment of it! We're excited to hear your new songs!