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Case study 

Watch  our case study video below or read the text version  

The Brief

Papayay&co approached us In need for a video to help launch their brand to create awareness and build trust.

Our Approach

1. Project Goal


Papaya & co = Our Primary goal was to raise awareness for new shoe brand but there are so many shoes that are similar to Papaya & co in terms of features like being comfortable , sustainable and waterproof. So we had to determine how to stand out from the crowd with video

2. Target audience


  • females aged 24- 35

  • enjoy outdoors or athletics activity

  • life guard , camp counselor , amateur hiker

  • frequent social media users i.e Instagram ,tik tok

  • create a fun theme to cater to the target audience age 24 -35

  • social media .

3. Video Recommendation


  • Our client wanted to focus on everyday use and fitness to show case their shoes

  • Our client also wanted to focus on vibrancy to grab the attention of our target persona to facilitate a Spring Season Launch

  • We then advised for a short product overview video

showcases the shoe use in various scenarios during the spring in Toronto

4. What the audience will obtain by watching video - Papaya & Co


Papaya & Co- educate target on versatility of shoe and various use cases

achieved by immersing the viewer with a lifestyle experience in wearing the shoe

5. Papaya & Co - What position does the video play in the buyer's journey?

Papaya & Co = Awareness

  • This first time a potential buyer encounters a brand

  • Typically, they do not want to buy right away, but rather to find a solution to address a problem.

  • Retention of Brand Name is achieved by creating an informative, straightforward, and interesting video

6. How the video got  distributed


seven second snippets from full video for Facebook ads and Tik Toks

7. How we repurposed my video

As previously mentioned our target audience consumes a lot of content on social media so we made sure we provided the video in square format to fill the cell phone screen and maximize engagement

8. Results

Our primary goal with a product overview video is to create awareness.

Our key metric for success was view count . This provided a scope of how many people became “aware” of the brand and finally we used supportive metric such as shares, like and comments to determine engagement .


Result: Over 1k organic views, likes and comments

Aided in 40% increase in sales after launch date

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