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How to start incorporating video In your eCommerce marketing strategy

Video is an excellent tool for supporting the customer journey, from lead capture forms to checkout pages.

1. Share these videos  on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others. Make sure that each platform's dimensions, length, and other technical specifications are optimized. Consider including subtitles for those who prefer not to watch videos with sound. Search engines are unable to crawl video, but they can crawl text. If you want your films to rank on Google, make sure they have subtitles and an audio transcript.
Give your audience the ability to appreciate your material regardless of the situation in which they find themselves.


2. Incorporate them into your lead generating and retargeting advertisements.

Because you can follow individual video watch statistics with video ads, you can establish an audience of engaged people. Video advertisements, when combined with static picture ads  can yield a big return on investment. (ROAS)


3. Include these movies on your homepage, about pages, product pages, FAQ pages and blogs of your website. Videos on these pages will likely increase average time spent on the site and improve the customer experience by answering the most frequently asked questions.


4. Use video throughout the customer journey, from lead capture forms to check pages

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