How to remain constant with video marketing

How many times do you have to say something before it sinks in? How many times do you have to do  something before it sinks in? How many times do you need to perform this... You see what I mean?
Could the answer be 7, 14, or 20? If you ask various individuals, they'll tell you different things, but "once" is almost certainly not one of them.


You need more than one video 

One is insufficient. Consistency has always been key, but in today's world of inbound marketing, fast-paced digital landscapes, and continual flow of new information, it's crucial for the longevity of your marketing messaging.

No one in their right mind would recommend a social media plan based on a single post per year. An SEO expert would also not convince you that one blog will change everything.

If your sales staff felt making only one call was appropriate, you'd terminate them immediately.

Despite this, many users just share one video.

The world has changed. One video is insufficient.

How to Make Your Content Stand Out

To stand out from the crowd, resonate with your target audience, and, of course, be remembered, you need regularity, volume, and consistency.

The precise number of times you need to repeat a message until it sticks is debatable, but it's definitely not once, as we indicated at the beginning of this article

How to be consistent with video

So, why invest with video as part of an integrated marketing strategy? Isn't video supposed to be one-time-use only?

Well, no.

Three words come to mind: macro to micro.

A macro-to-micro video technique involves creating a long form movie (five minutes or longer) that can subsequently be cut into shorter videos, reused as a blog post, translated into graphics, and focused into an email campaign.

Why? Who has the time to come up with new concepts for all those various platforms?

Not us.

Would you really want to squander 15 ideas when you might take one and turn it into five other techniques?

This isn't about being lazy; it's about being clever; instead of 15 ideas lasting little over two weeks, you may have two months' worth of ideas. It's a foregone conclusion.

What's more, guess what? It's more likely to stick, resonate, and get seen because you're repurposing the same messaging.

So get consistent, start making videos, and get started right now!

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