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How video marketing can benefit a business

Video marketing has very quickly become one of the most popular methods of advertisement for brands in the past few years. With the internet becoming so much more accessible and the increasing popularity of so many video publishing sites on the internet, it is no surprise that it is one of the best marketing methods available in the modern age.

So, what exactly is video marketing?

Video marketing at its core aims to increase brand awareness using videos on a digital platform. There are many types of videos that can be used for this purpose. For example, testimonial videos are one of the most popular types of video marketing, which uses customer testimonials to promote a brand or a product. Educational videos, on the other hand, aim to promote a product by teaching how to use a it so that potential clients or customers can see value in that product. There are also videos that focus on the inner culture of a company. These types of videos usually aim to build a better PR image of the company rather than simply promoting a product.

Why video marketing?

video marketing

When compared to traditional methods of marketing, video marketing has several benefits which make them a great choice for companies trying to extend their reach to a wider target audience.

  • It is a cheaper alternative: Compared to renting out billboards, newspaper space, and television advertisements, video marketing is much cheaper and comes with better benefits.

  • Access to a much larger audience: Videos on the internet allow a company to reach out to target audiences across the globe through the internet.

  • Access to analytical tools: Video marketing strategies can be tracked using various kinds of analytical and statistical tools that make it much easier to judge the effectiveness of a strategy. This can really help test out several new strategies and find out the optimal one for better reach.

While there are several other methods of digital marketing as well, video marketing is perhaps the best method for increasing audience engagement for a brand. People are influenced more  through videos than pictures and texts, and this method of marketing takes advantage of that simple fact.

Before reading here is a video on the power video 

Understanding your target audience

This is the  first and most important step when it comes to developing a successful video marketing strategy. Globally, billions of people use the internet daily and out of them, millions engage in video content regularly enough to become potential audience for video marketing. However not every audience is the same. Their preferences, tastes, requirements, etc., vary drastically depending on where they live, their age, their gender, and several other factors. Understanding your target audience means understanding these differences and planning accordingly so that the videos reach those who might actually be interested in the brand or the product. For example, for a company that sells men’s formal shoes, reaching to an audience apart from professional men doesn’t have much benefit. Thus, they should be strategizing accordingly in order to target that specific demographic as much as possible.

Publishing your videos

After developing a strategy with a specific target audience in mind and recording a video that can be used form marketing, the obvious next step is to publish the video. Publishing the video puts it out on a global platform for people to see and engage with. There are many platforms that have become popular choices for video marketers. A few of the most popular ones are:

  • YouTube

  • Vimeo

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

Apart from these, there are many other platforms as well that provide such services and understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each of these platforms is key to devising a successful video marketing strategy.

Analytics and statistics

One of the key advantages of using videos as a marketing strategy is the ability to use analytical tools to measure the effectiveness of the strategy. Many video publishing platforms nowadays have built-in analytical tools that can be used to measure various factors, but there are also many external services such as BrandWatch, TubeBuddy, Clicky, etc., that provide a much more in-depth view on these factors.
With so many tools at one’s disposal, they can soon become confusing and difficult to use, which is why when trying to analyze video marketing strategies, it is really important to understand what to look at. This will make it much easier to compare information that actually matter rather than simply trying to get better numbers.

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