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Important things you need to take great photos

Important things you need to take great photos

Here Important things you need to take great photos below

  • An Interesting Subject.

The subject is the most important aspect of portrait photography. Making the subject comfortable with you is an essential factor for a successful portrait photography session. Take out time to connect with your client before the photoshoot and, if possible, meet up in person. It is best to get to know each other and let the subject know more about your style of photography and what exactly you will be looking for in the shoot. Discuss your ideas about the shoot with your subject and factor in her preferences and abilities in your plan - pixpa

  • Background that is interesting ( styling or designing to compliment subject )

An interesting background can add a lot of drama to the photograph and help your subject stand out. It is also good to have a background that is not distracting to the subject. Good backgrounds should be natural, bright, and have a realistic look to them, without being too cluttered.

  • If your working with a person sure they are comfortable

The easiest way to get your subject to relax is by being relaxed yourself. Even if they’re not consciously aware of it, your subject will pick up on any discomfort on your part. Exhibit confidence, and your subject will automatically feel a bit more relaxed.
Let Them See a Couple of Good Photos
After you start the photoshoot, you’ll have the ability to let them see a couple of good photos. This is the perfect thing to do if their discomfort continues. As soon as they see how good they look, they should instantly feel better.
Ask a Few Questions
One trick for relaxing a subject is to ask them questions that are unrelated to the photoshoot. This will accomplish two things. First, it will humanize you. Second, it will make them focus on something other than how they look in the moment. Be prepared to take some photos because the more relaxed they become, the better their shots should be.

Remember to Show Them How to Pose

  • A Good Composition and technique ( posing , framing , angle )

Good composition is a key element of good photographs, yet it’s often hard to define.

Instead of looking at composition as a set of rules to follow, I view it as a set of ingredients that can be taken out of the pantry at any point and used to make a great ‘meal’ (photograph). Alternatively, I’ve often described it as a set of tools that can be taken out of one’s compositional tool belt at any given time in the construction of a great image.

  • Good Lighting ( the most important rule ) .

Understanding light in photography depends on where the photographer places the light source, be it natural or artificial. And doing this affects the final image more than anything.

  • Enjoy the process and have fun

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