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Meet the team

Meet The Team | DK Visualsx

Innovative Visuals That Capture Your Story.

At DK Visualsx, we’re proud to house a team of experts who go above and beyond to achieve your project goals. We’re dynamic, positive and committed to quality, here to answer your questions with the latest and greatest solutions. Partner with us to get photography and videography experiences you can count on, delivered by people who care about your vision. 

Show the World What Makes You Great.

When it comes to multimedia, we’re the team you can trust. We create incredible visual products to make your brand pop, captivating audiences and bringing your message to life. Whether we’re producing a promo video or shooting exceptional explainer videos, our teams make it happen with your vision in mind. To provide successful storytelling services, we’ll work with you to establish your goals, audience, plan and message. If compelling and exciting brand visuals are what you need, we’ve got you covered. 

Video Shoot

Industries We Work With

Variety is the spice of life, right? We’ve worked with hundreds of incredible brands from a whole host of industries, including:


  • Fitness

  • Fashion || Clothing 

  • Technology 

  • Beauty  

  • Food and Drink

  • Finance

  • Legal \ Law

  • Realestate


No matter who you are or what story you have to tell, we’re here to help. Partner with us and capture your vision with accuracy, quality and style.

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Godfrey Mangwiza

Producer | Script Wrtter | Public Relations

With over five years of experience working in the entertainment industry, Godfrey understands how to bring ideas to life on the big screen. Using his production and creative writing expertise, he helps our clients tell authentic stories that capture a direct message. 


In Godfrey’s vision, a picture is worth a thousand words and behind every image is a human storyteller. His mission is to make those stories heard for our clients, even down to the most minute details.

Video production services

Michaela Black


Michaela is our project manager and production assistant. She is caring, passionate , and a problem solver.


Michaela focuses on ensuring our projects are completed with all of your end goals in mind.


Working with Michaela you can rest assured that you will have fun throughout your production and have an end project you can be proud of !

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Dominic Kawei

Producer | Cinematographer

With degrees in filmmaking and international business, Dominic is fully equipped to take brands to the next level with visuals that sell. Growing up, he was inspired by film and its power to share stories with a positive impact. As an award-winning filmmaker, his work has been shown internationally as part of Toronto’s International Nollywood Film Festival and the Alternative Film International Festival. Over the years, Dominic has worked with a plethora of exciting brands, including UberEats, Netflix, Toronto Carnival.


With almost a decade of experience in production and videography, his passion is to help brands capture their full potential. 

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Ramy Mohammed

Producer | Photographer | Art Director

Ramy has been making art since the 6th grade, when he wrote his very first short story. Since then, he’s been bringing ideas to life by creating music videos, writing songs and directing films. As an expert in all things production, he helps brands showcase their unique offering in a way that makes a lasting impression. 


In Ramy’s belief, a visionary doesn’t force the world to see through his eyes – he shows the world that there’s meaning in what they already see.

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