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Powerful Customer Testimonial Videos Done Right

The majority of individuals judge services and products based on what other people have to say about them. This explains why, before purchasing or subscribing to a service or product, we all read reviews. The more influential the review is, the more trust we place in the company and the more inclined we are to do business with them. That's when video testimonials from customers come in handy.

Video testimonials from customers are the most effective way for businesses to gather and distribute feedback. With a lot more reliable appeal, businesses can persuade their customers to share their experiences with their prospects. These videos aid in the development of trust and credibility, as well as the conversion of spectators into purchasers.

What is a testimonial video

A customer testimonial video is just a video of a satisfied consumer expressing their experience with a company.

Why testimonials 

  • Video testimonials from customers are a proven way to sell and gain new clients. They get your existing consumers to compliment your company and help viewers develop a deeper degree of trust in you. Here are the top three reasons why you need a video testimonial from a customer.

  • Video testimonials outperforms text-based testimonials.

  • When you use video for customer testimonials, you can give your company a more human feel. The problem is, when consumers see and hear from other individuals, it adds a more human touch to your strategy. This is perhaps the most important factor in increasing engagement.

Here are some sample testimonial videos below ;

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