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Types of Recruiting Video


Why should your company's values be communicated? There are two strong reasons for this: attracting customers and recruiting talent.

Let's begin with talent. According to LinkedIn's Workplace Culture Report, 86 percent of millennials (aged 24 to 40) would be willing to take a pay cut to work for a firm that shared their beliefs.

Video is one of the most effective ways of communication, as we all know. This is because to one simple fact: it is extremely simple to consume! It's a fairly passive experience, and the more we can do to make information consumption more frictionless, the more information gets absorbed.


Here are  different  video strategies depending on how creative you want to get!

A Video of the Company Presentation

The company mission, value statement, and fundamental beliefs are all communicated through this approach. It takes a more traditional approach, yet it still yields excellent results. It's similar to the face-to-face presentations that were (and still are) common in business, but far more engaging, thrilling, and authentic.

The ‘Day-in-the-Life’ Video

This is a more employee-focused video, similar to a video blog in style, that focuses on an employee's day in the life. It's a fantastic approach to both convey and demonstrate beliefs!

You may express what it's like to work at your company, what your corporate values are, and what's essential to your team using a combination of user-generated material and more'set-up' film. When it comes to attracting talent, these videos are quite effective.

Graphics and Text Based Video

A easy approach to promote and explain corporate values is through a visual and text-based video. These short videos work well as social media snippets, and you can focus on one value at a time – or the full collection, depending on how much data you want to provide.

They're a quick and easy method to convey what's essential to your company, and they don't require much time or effort to make.

The Values-Manifested Video

One of our favorite video tactics has to be this. To put it another way, it's a video strategy that shows how the company's principles are lived out in real life. This might be a one-time event, a charity campaign, or a true narrative.

The company will take a back seat in this video, with the emphasis only on the value that has been graphically represented.

This is a powerful approach to convey your brand's ideals. Putting this much visual proof and weight behind your firm beliefs, and demonstrating that you 'live and breathe' your values rather than merely verbalizing them, is a fantastic method to gain consumer trust.

In conclusion

Send us a note if you need help deciding on a plan or just want to pick our brains about what could work for your organisation.


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