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Video marketing for restaurants

As years roll on, video will become more beneficial to restaurants. It not only improves brand awareness and retention, but it also bridges the gap between you and your consumers.

Did you know that as compared to an image post, an organic video post obtains 38% more engagement? This just demonstrates its superiority in terms of marketing tools. It's a strong medium since it not only draws clients' attention but also emphasises how they should connect with your business.

Users spend 88 % more time on a website containing videos, according to website statistics. This is a really appealing figure, especially because online appears to be the most popular and reliable method of communicating with clients.


Types of video to help restaurants grow 

Publish Video Updates

Let your customers know how you're dealing with the obstacles that the pandemic has posed to you and your company. Inform them of the steps you've done to ensure that they continue to receive a high-quality and safe service.

Show them what procedures you use to maintain cleanliness and check sanitation in your operations through your video material. Show your employees how you're compensating them without affecting your firm if they've been furloughed.

Behind-the-scenes Videos from Restaurants

Behind-the-scenes Videos from Restaurants – This video shows what happens behind the kitchen counters on a regular basis. You may begin by filming a video of your executive chef for a day, then your restaurant management, and finally your wait crew. As a result of this, your consumers may form a stronger bond with your brand because you've already shown them who's behind it. You may also use video content like this to entice candidates on your 'Careers Page.

Recipe or spotlight videos

"How-to" videos are sometimes known as "recipe" videos. You'll display different recipes and how to prepare your restaurant's specialty in these sorts of marketing videos. To safeguard your company, be cautious about the facts you disclose and don't overshare. This can start pushing your consumers to make their own "how-to" videos and tag your social media profile in them. This is a fantastic method to engage with your current audience while also making a positive impression on new customers.

You may also make a highlight video in which you discuss various aspects of your unique menu items. It will act as a soft invitation for your consumers to sample your featured meal.

About Us Video

Videos About Us – Telling your customers about your story is one of the most successful restaurant marketing methods. It's not so much about you as a person as it is about your restaurant. How did it begin, why is it using that certain theme and concept, and how did you come up with such a goal and vision statement? Provide a way for your customers to connect with your brand more easily.

Featured Customer Videos 

 Request that your regular customers spend a few minutes answering questions about your restaurant. What entices them to return? What are their favourite dishes on the menu? Who is their favourite member of the team? These are minor details, yet they have a significant influence on your restaurant. Particularly on how your customers' testimonials might impact your viewer's purchase choice.

Featured Supplier Videos

Demonstrate how your business relationships with your suppliers and vendors are contributing to your restaurant's success. You're demonstrating to your clients that you're more than simply a money-making operation with this marketing video. You also want to network with other industry specialists.

Meet The Restaurant Staff Videos

It might take the style of an interview or a complete takeover of your social media accounts. This way, you can boost employee morale while also establishing your restaurant as an employee-friendly environment. Customers are more inclined to support companies that demonstrate empathy and foster positive connections with their employees.

Implementation of  Video Marketing For restaurants

Keep it short and sweet.

To make a marketing video for your restaurant interesting, you don't have to shoot an hour-long film. Customers may find it difficult to finish extended video materials, which is the last thing you want them to think about your new marketing campaign. Every marketing video should be under two minutes long, according to the rule of thumb. Anything longer than that may be a struggle for viewers' interest.

To back up this suggestion, the major social media networks have defined their optimum video durations:

60 seconds on Facebook

30 seconds on Instagram

2 minutes on YouTube

45 seconds on Twitter

Set a tone that's desirable 

Take advantage of this chance to establish the tone for your restaurant. What image do you want your customers to have of your company? Do you want to be known as a fiery restaurant? Is it a humorous one? Or perhaps a stern industry insider? You may experiment with different personalities with video, and you have complete control over how you use it in your video marketing.

Create a Call-To-Action

After all, your video marketing is designed to help your restaurant earn something from its customers. Make sure you remind your audience of what you want them to do afterward, whether it's for sales, engagement, or brand awareness. It may appear that you're casting a negative light on your restaurant, but marketing video viewers find it faster and easier to get to your restaurant's website if there are clear directions and links.

Feel free to reach out to us at Dk Visualsx if you have any questions or need help making videos or marketing.

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