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The importance of storytelling for your brand video or about us video 

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Brand video has the power to change people's perceptions of a company.

Capturing a brand's essence and bringing it to life in a creative film provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to influence how people perceive your company.


If you're planning to make a brand video, the first thing you should think about is telling your personal narrative. Your clients will adore your interests, loved ones, work, favorite music and movies, how you originally started your business, or whatever else is important to you.


A brand story video gives your company more personality and reminds potential customers that you are also human and eager to interact with them. Remember that the point of your film is to elicit good feelings. You may hire a videographer to make a film based on your tale for you.

Characteristics of Brand story videos

Organic - The more authentic and honest a brand's narrative is, the more likely it is to connect with consumers and earn trust.

Value to Life -  When Consumers can see how a brand has enhanced the life of a certain individual or group they also imagine how this can happen to them as well 

Emotive - People are more likely to recall an emotional brand story, trust the company, and pick it at the moment of purchase if they hear it.

Relatable (human) - Stories are relevant and relatable because they are about real people and the highs and lows they endure in their lives.

Here are some sample brand videos below ;

Hubspot Story

Eagle Builders
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