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Here are seven reasons why video will be the most effective recruitment tool in 2022

recruitment video

Currently  the job market is extremely competitive - there are around 5 opportunities per candidate. Things aren't likely to change anytime soon, so how can you attract the top prospects in a crowded field of competition  it's video, of course.
There are other elements at play than income and start date in a world where candidates are spoiled for choice.


Here are seven ways video will make your company  stand out below :


In 2022, conveying your values will be critical while hiring. Values are a big draw for potential new hires, especially younger generations who want businesses to be honest about their basic beliefs. By providing an actual insight inside your company, video helps you to express your beliefs in an honest and engaging way.


Is your workplace fast-paced and creative, or peaceful and thoughtful? In a way that other types of media simply cannot, we can leverage video to represent the tone and speed of your workplace.



When your job opening is only one little ad on a large website, the more personal you can make it appear, the more likely candidates will warm up to you. Video allows you to humanize your listing by allowing viewers to see themselves in the job. We can also employ video to humanize you as a recruiter, demonstrating to prospects that there is a genuine person on the other end of their application – and making them feel better prepared for that crucial interview.


Nowadays, customer reviews may make or break a business, therefore testimonials are essential. Using video to capture employee testimonials is a compelling opportunity for prospects to connect with your team and get to know the individuals who enjoy working with you.


Being transparent about your company, your vacancy, and your culture increases your chances of attracting the appropriate people, which leads to better interviews, employees, and retention rates. Making a testimonial video may also assist your current team retain members by reminding them of what they enjoy about their jobs and providing them with stuff to share and be proud of.


Your new recruitment video isn't only for Indeed. A successful brand film may help with internal communications, creating richer website content, delivering interesting social media campaigns, and even supporting award submissions. Talk to our team about how we can assist your overall marketing plan with constant content generation. We're all about helping our clients get the most mileage out of their videos.


Ethics indicators, such as diversity, are increasingly becoming more important to applicants. Without feeling like tokenism, video is a natural method to illustrate the variety of gender, color, and ability inside your organization; video quietly accentuates the individuals who truly work for you.



Video allows you to inspire potential candidates and establish yourself as a brand that motivates your staff to come to work every day. In a competitive employment market, these emotional intangibles will always win out over half-hearted bonuses — and video brilliantly captures them.

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