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Why are employee recruitment videos so important?

recruitment video

The best recruiting videos will attract the attention of top talents because they are interesting and motivational. They present a scenario to potential employees in which they are encouraged to envision themselves working for a company.

Here are some reasons to use recruitment video below ;

Top talents are drawn to videos

Video has the ability to attract the attention of the most talented individuals. Video is also excellent for reaching passive prospects — those who weren't looking for a new job until they watch your brilliant recruiting commercial.

Video gets shared on social media

Existing workers and potential prospects are considerably more likely to share a creative recruitment video than a conventional job announcement on social media. On social media, video content receives 1200 % more shares than textual and picture material. Going the additional mile to create a stunning recruitment video will help you reach a far wider audience.

On job boards and Google, video ranks higher.

According to certain recruiting organizations, job advertising with video integrated generate 800% more interaction. As a consequence, these ads will rank better in applicants' search results and appear at the top. Companies that use video on their career sites will appear higher in Google searches.

The use of video boosts the number of candidates.

Individuals are more likely to click on a job posting with video content and apply for it. According to a CareerBuilder survey, job postings featuring videos received 34% more applications. Employer brand videos are a major aspect for enabling brand discovery for Gen Z in particular.

Here are some samples below

Example 1 : Google recruitment video

Many of the characteristics you already know about working at Google are highlighted in the video: it's ambitious, progressive, and highly collaborative, and there are several employee incentives. You see it and immediately want in.

Example 2 : Founders Brewing Co

In this super-authentic recruitment video, there are no bells and whistles. Mike Stevens and Dave Engbers, co-founders are open and honest about the challenges they faced on their route to success. They made a crucial decision after coming perilously near to failure: "Let's produce beers that we want to drink."

Their narrative is one of passion and determination, demonstrating that if you put your heart and soul into something, amazing things can be accomplished. It's a terrific message for prospective workers who want to feel proud of what they've accomplished at the end of each day.


Example 3 : Grubhub

This format is personal, reflecting both the company's culture and the company's fundamental business: providing wonderful cuisine. Above all, the staff reflects the company's diverse customer base and communities.


Example 4: Keller-Williams Recruiting  Video

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