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Our Privacy Policy

We place a high priority on maintaining control over and protecting the data of both current and potential clients. 

Beyond what is strictly necessary for us to respond to your inquiry and collaborate with you, your data will never be disclosed.

We only gather the basic contact information for businesses—name, phone number, email address, business name, business location, details about the planned project, etc.


When a potential client submits an inquiry through our website or phones us.

We need this information in order to reply to your inquiry, which is the legal basis for processing it.

For a year following the date of our last email correspondence with you, we preserve your first inquiry and any subsequent email correspondence on file.

This is based on our experience of the occasionally long lag time between an inquiry and a project that is commissioned. We frequently discover that a client's original brief has changed after a year. After a year if we don't hear from you we delete your inquiry.

Your rights 

  • You have access to the information we have about you

  • Ask for changes to the information we have about you

  • Ask for the information we have about you to be erased.

  • You can also withdraw your consent for us to use or hold your information.

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