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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are answers to our frequently asked questions

How much will my video cost


The cost of a project varies. To determine how much a video project costs please let us know the details of your shoot on our Contact Form. Afterward, we will schedule a free exploratory call to understand the needs of your project. After this we will provide you with a free quote .


Our project minimum is $2500, with an average cost of $6,500. This covers a full-service production (Planning, Shooting, Editing, Marketing implementation). 

How do we know the video will achieve its goals/objectives?


At Dk Visualsx, we take the time to understand and grasp the objectives of the project before we start making videos. We consider your target audience in relation to the video you're seeking to produce.


We also study your competitors and any brand guidelines that have been provided.


We want to make sure that style of video being produced will be as effective as it can be. We understand videos are one of the most powerful tools that exist  for establishing a connection with your audience at a rapid speeds!

How long does it take to produce/edit a video?


The time requirements can vary depending on the type of project, and the needs of your company in post-production. Generally, we can produce a full video production from initial Project exploratory consultation, Pre-Production, to final Post-Production delivery within 15 days. 

After the final version is sent, clients are entitled to two free modifications. If there are any additional modification, charges will apply.

We also provide expedited delivery for an extra cost if your assignment is urgent.

What's your video production process

Lets show you a breakdown of our process in this video or you can read more details. Click here

Is it possible for you to assist me with advertising and branding?


Definitely! We strive to assist clients as much as possible. For our clients, we create long-term branding/marketing plans and processes. With advertising, we work with reputable advertisers and marketing companies to create campaigns that are tailored to your needs, and we oversee the projects!

Are you willing to travel for productions?


Yes. We travel if there is a travel and hotel budget. The time spent on travel days must also be paid for by the client. If you don't have a trip budget, we can also assist you find and qualify local videographers.

Do you have any payment plans available?


Yes. You can divide large payments into numerous smaller instalments for select productions. 

Do you give commissions for project referrals?

Yes. you get 15% off your next project with us. 

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